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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find the questions and answers to the most frequent problems, in case there is no answer to your questions we kindly ask you to write us on infovorxon@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you.
Can I swap floating objects?
Yes, floating objects can be exchanged and placed in
"c-frames" of different colors.
I would like to have one, when will it be available?
At the moment the object in question is being certified for sale in Europe and the rest of the West. We expect to enter it in the aforementioned markets by 2020.
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Where is Float360° created?
The product is designed and built entirely in Italy. Even the raw materials are all from Italian suppliers. Our goal is to provide a high quality product for this we have made the decision to make the product in its entirety in Italy  
What colors will be available?

Now there are 6 different colors available of C-frame:
Raspberry (red), Sun (yellow), Winter (grey), Sea (blue), Trunk (brown) and Kiwi (green).
But our goal is to make it of other colors yet !
Risks and challenges
Like any new project, there are always risks associated with the production and logistics of the assembly line.
We know what the risks are for our project type and we are working to avoid or reduce them.
Hi, I'm Pascal and I'm a young guy with the passion for modern design and everything that's new.  
I'm an inventor. I like to create special things and think about new ideas to contribute to the world around us.
I am also the founder of Vorxon, the company that manufactures Float360°. Our goal as a company is to produce and develop unique and high quality products for all our customers. We have other projects to accomplish; Help us realize them by supporting Float360°.
My instagram profile: www.instagram.com/pascvii

I've always had a weakness for the magnets.

Support my campaign, you will be satisfied!

That's all ;)

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