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What is Float360°?

Float360° is a new object floating desktop decoration, realized for those interested in modern design and for those who would like to give a touch of magic to their desk or shelf. In the last years, Vorxon is committed to create a small object of design to make it more attractive and magical the world of collecting and objects in general. Float360° can be customized for every need, one can customize the represented image, you can choose a shape from those available and much more.

If you like modern design help us share of Float360° by supporting our next campaign   .
(We are currently making some improvements, so the project is currently frozen. For more details click Here)
We want to offer something new, and then give our supporters a new way to decorate their daily lives.
With Float360°, we would like:
Offer a new type of customizable product ideal as a special gift and an object of decoration of the house;
Create a more attractive of decorative world;
Amaze your friends with the effect of the air suspension that gives a touch of magic.
We are building an incredible community on Instagram.
The level of commitment, to manage all our fans and all the processes to be followed to provide
this "magic" and quality object is very high and we are happy with how the project is evolving.
Hey,you could spend a few seconds of your time to grow the Float360° community. It would be a great help.
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To interact with other interactive 3D models of Float360°, click on the profile image on this interactive model.
Float360° Cylinder (customizable)
Customize the C-frame with the color you like.
Now there are 6 different colors available of C-frame: Raspberry, Sun, Winter, Sea, Trunk and Kiwi. But our goal is to make it of other colors yet!
Float360° Cube (customizable)
You can choose between three different floating objects (cylinder, cube and globe). The cylinder and the cube are customizable with images of all the major
cities in the world we provide, the globe at the moment it is produced only in the Earth version....but we aim to make each planet according to your requests ;)
Float360° Globe
The fluctuating world is now in your hands!
Also, it is possible to have a lower price than a Float360° "Naked" where the floating object is transparent or other colors (color that match the C-frame) but empty to customize it by painting it or with sticky prints printed directly by you.  
Cylinder "Naked"
Then choosing the Float360° "Naked" reward you will choose the color of the C-frame and the desired shape between the cube and the cylinder.

Size of the adhesive images to be applied
Cube "Naked"
Size of the adhesive images to be applied
Float360° (patent) is realized with P.L.A., transparent Plexiglas, adhesive prints, neodymium magnets and an "invisible" high-strength nylon nanowire.
In case of high demand, the Float360° can be manufactured using another type of machining and materials, naturally leaving the design unchanged and always respecting the environment!

Float360° is a decorative object designed and made for those who want to embellish their desk or shelf; It is also useful for focus in the most demanding and laborious moments of office work .

But why should I take a Float360°?  

Float360° is a unique object in the world (patent)
Do not you want to be among the first to have it?

Is completely customizable
Customize shapes, applied images, color and more.
(If everything should be fine, subsequently we will to customize your float 360 with the pictures you
will send us).  
Do you want to give a unique and particular gift to your partner or loved one?
Give it a Float360° to your partner to thank him for be part of your life. Do not always look for important
occasions such as Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday or Valentine's Day to tell him how much you love it or just to thank him for everything he does.
Every single day is perfect to surprise him or her with simple surprises as a small gift.  
Astonish your colleagues or employees with something unexpected, give it a Float360°!
Many companies distribute personalized promotional items to their employees,
a great way to promote team spirit. Float360° can also be used to reward them for their work. Float360° is part of a range of promotional items considered high-end,
beautiful to see and show in their homes.
The Price
The price of less than 15 dollars is very convenient if compared to similar items already in circulation on the global market such as electric magnetic fluctuators that actually have prohibitive prices.
Embellish your desk with an elegant and magnetic decorative element like the floating globe!
Be original!
Get a Float360° and astonish your friends with the extraordinary effect of the magnetic suspension and flowing rotation !!  
It's all clear no ?
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